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Never show me posts with this tag (add ability to blacklist tags, not just content warnings)

I'd really love the ability to blacklist posts that contain certain tags. For instance, if I'm scrolling through my bookmarked pokemon tag, I'm not personally interested in seeing furry nsfw there (or anywhere), and muffling it doesn't prevent my whole bookmarked feed being clogged with content I know for a fact I never want to see. I know that not everybody is going to  content warning their furry nsfw - but they are likely to add the tag so that people who want that content can find it.

I think that the blacklisting certain content warnings feature is great - but something that allows me to just blacklist certain tags means I'm way more likely to actually be able to filter content I don't want to see. People tend to use tags a lot more than they use content warnings.

Would this maybe look like a combined "Never show me posts with this tag or content warning" option? It's possible that there's a use case for two seperate "Never show me posts with this tag" or "Never show me posts with this content warning", but I can't currently think of one. It feels like it would just add confusion (which I think the current system also does tbh).

Thanks so much for making cohost <3

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I can't see how this would be a bad idea. Blacklisting tags is just another way to curate your own experience, which seems to go along with cohost's ethos, and I'm sure lots of people would get good use out of it. My personal solution to the pokemon tag has been to silence the users posting the type of stuff I don't want to see so my feed is less cluttered, but a tag blacklist that auto-hides posts would make that much easier.

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I've been silencing too, but damn there are a lot of nsfw pokemon artists out there lol

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This would be extremely helpful. I'd really like to treat Cohost like other social media, in that I can browse in public. It's great that it's not such a repressive space for "adult content" compared to other sites, but while I don't want Cohost to restrict much on its own, I'd like significant input on what gets put in front of my eyes/on my phone screen, particularly in public. Ideally, they'll be able to separate blacklist tags by page, and not one set for the whole account, as well.

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I'd rather blacklist a tag than silence a person because people can post about a wild variety of things (I know my personal page is, uh, highly random) and if I have to silence the person I miss out on all the things they might post that aren't about the thing I don't want to see.

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I can't believe that this is not already a feature (well aside from so many features so little time). If I'm supposed to use tags to find posts I _need_ to be able to use tags to filter posts and muffling a tag is just not sufficient. It's not.

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Yes, please!! This feature would make scrolling the site much smoother.

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While we're dealing with this, I would really appreciate it if cohost didn't alert me to every time something is posted that I'm filtering. It's super annoying. It isn't "silence" if I still get alerts about "2 new posts" and they're collapsed posts.

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