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You should be able to view global tags with a URL like<specific_tag>

That way when you click on a user's tag and see results from their page, i.e.<user_name>/tagged/<specific_tag> , you'd be able to just double click on their username in the URL and delete that part and then view the global tag, not hit a 404 page.

Currently you have to type `rc` where their username was, which isn't expected or discoverable beforehand.

My guess as to why this isn't a thing right now is the existence of, or more generally speaking: it seems user pages get url priority while system pages like settings, global tags, and so on are marked with rc. 

This does make sense for *page* discoverability - it's more intuitive and much nicer looking to type as opposed to, especially for non-cohost users who are trying to get to your page off of memory. The downside is what you've pointed out. 

Personally, I prefer user pages getting priority, especially since user-specific tag pages already have a link to navigate to the global tag built in. 

Thanks for pointing out the reason, i was really puzzled why this didn't work as expected.

Perhaps just, if a 404 page would otherwise be shown, and the URL is of the form<whatever> , then please show the global tag results instead of the 404 -- an empty site-functionality-blocking account name existing shouldn't take precedence over actually useful URL affordances, imho.

> user-specific tag pages already have a link to navigate to the global tag built in

Oh, i'd completely missed that! Maybe that could be put at the very top of the page?


It is in fact already at the top of the page!


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