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Notification Dot for "bookmarked tags" Tab

it would help me to stop checking the page repeatedly if you told me if there were New Posts since the last time i looked. not expecting you to know if I've scrolled down and viewed every single one, just whether the most recent post you'd display if i loaded that page is newer than the last time the page was loaded. doesn't need to be a websocket or whatever, the state whenever i loaded the "latest posts" page is fine by me. I'll see it again if i go to the next page. or refresh the home page. that's good. ty.

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Upvoting this mainly because one of the features I really want (reading lists) would also benefit a lot from this, lol.

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* "mainly" I actually mean "in part." I admit that I get stuck in bouncing between my home feed and the bookmarked feed too.
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