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Unable to temporarily view silenced user posts

After silencing a user, navigating to their page shows a notice reminding you rather simply, "this page is silenced". You are then given an option to temporarily view their posts. Clicking the button temporarily removes the notice box and shows you the usual posts list UI, but the actual posts never show up.

Tested on Firefox 110.0 + 2 different Chromium-based browsers on versions 110.0 and 107.0, all with the same results. Checking the network monitor shows the page attempting to fetch the posts like normal, but Cohost's servers respond with a completely empty array of posts. These two factors seem to indicate that is a server-side issue.

Unfortunately, this is the first time i've actually silenced anyone on this platform, so I have no idea how long this problem has been around.

7 people have this problem
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