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Hide tags on posts with muffled tags

On discovering that the character limit for tags can hold at least large chunks of the entire Bee Movie script, the obvious happened:


We tried CWing and adding `#tag crimes` to muffle, but that doesn't seem to help. It's fun and all, but it's also a large chunk of my feed at the moment, and muffling the script tags themselves doubles the amount of space taken up, since they show up in the `This post has the following muffled tags` warning.

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I feel like a good solution could be to only display a limited number of lines of tags and have a button to show more. Or some kind of way to scroll through them horizontally?

It's gonna be a problem without specific "tag crimes" tag but I wouldn't I would rather have a mechanism to collapse tags instead of limiting the amount of them you can have

got hit with this while using muffle tags for spoiler avoidance (spoiler warning: boy and the heron btw)
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