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When an image overlay is open, the back button should close it

When viewing an image overlay/modal, I'd prefer it if the back button closed it (went back to timeline view) instead of navigating within my browser, usually taking me away from Cohost altogether. I'm pretty sure that this is how twitter/mastodon/etc work, especially in their moble apps, and I'l find myself constantly frustrated by a trained behavior

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+1  i'm still running into this constantly

it's not even a "native app" thing, this is also just how image lightboxes work on basically any website i know of

Constantly accidentally go back a page when trying to close an image on mobile.

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Yes, please. I accidentally close the app/site all the time on my phone by hitting the back button to get out of an image.

 been meaning to make a post about this. really glad to see i'm not the first to have this issue

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Cohost's current lightbox behavior itself seems pretty backwards, too. On other websites, it's fairly common to close the lightbox by either clicking outside the picture, or on a dedicated X button. On Cohost, the lightbox only closes when I click the picture or its description.

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in my experience the lightbox *does* close when you click outside the image, it just is bugged to not work in the left and right margins of the max site width. i opened a new report about it here. this is the root of all my woes with the back button etc on this site i think 

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