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Smashing the like button multiple times like in Death Stranding

So you know how in the Art "Hideo Kojima presents Death Stranding" you can literally SMASH THAT MF LIKE BUTTON to give someone a bunch of likes?

After you give some random ladder you found its first like, you have a small time window of a few seconds to hammer the like button to give it a bunch more likes.

See also this thread:

Why not actually seriously add it to Cohost Plus for real?

It's an extremely stupid and useless idea and would therefore definitely fit what Plus is all about. And we don't have public per-post Like counts, so the numbers are already meaningless by design.

Proposed notifications UI:

"Several pages like your post 23 times" but you just see 5 user icons. If you click the disclosure arrows it tells you how many times each liked it.

Maybe you could only super-like once every 500 beats, so it remains a special treat.

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I think it'd be funny if it didn't even notify the poster more than once. Just totally completely and utterly for the enjoyment of the liker (tho as an artist I'd appreciate seeing the notifs lol). Alternatively, keep the notifs, but also add a visual or audio indicator for the liker, just a ghost trail of likes rising from the button once clicked, or a full screen effect from a list of options. Screen shake that gets more intense with each like? An egg bug for each dropping from the top of the page? A sound effect. Dog bark from Stanley Parables Dog Mode. The sound of a pathetic high five. A laugh track ripped straight from episode 143 of Seinfeld.

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