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Reblogs of posts which are reblog-locked afterwards still display the reblog icon

it doesn't actually work, though. you can click the reblog icon and be brought to the post window, but when you try to post, the post button will not do anything. I'm assuming that the post button not working is in line with the intent of reblog-locking (so that you can reblog-lock a post if it goes undesirably viral and not have people get around it by reblogging the reblogs with replies) but this can still cause some confusion for people who don't realize that the original post has been reblog-locked.

I'd recommend that if the original post is reblog-locked, all existing reblogs (with and without replies) of that post should have their reblog buttons hidden as well.

You can see a demonstration of this here:

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Just keying in here, had the same issue, and did some analysis to spot what I could about this behavior. I uh, did the noob move of dropping a support ticket when I should've posted here, that wasn't too obvious. Here's the contents from said ticket:

#10298 [Bug report] UX: Already-shared posts don't inherit "share locked" property bit in frontend; shows reshare icon in post footer; silent 403 errors on post.

Pretty much what it says in the title - when a post is shared by others, and the share permission is locked on that post afterwards, the shares do not inherit that property in the UI - but, clicking "share" and attempting to post will silently fail, with API returning a 403 that is not shown to the user.

- Make a post
- Have a second account share (rebug) said post
- Lock the original post
- Have a third account attempt to share the second account's share.

- Third account should not see the share arrows icon in the article footer from the second account's share.
- Attempting to do so anyway (e.g., if the arrows didn't go away for some reason, the original post's sharing was revoked while third account has it in the post editor) should show an error status on the bottom of the screen, as it will return a 403.

- Third account will see share arrows on the post, and can click them to bring the post into the post editor for a share.
- When the "post now" button is clicked, xyzzy. (Nothing happens.)
- A silent 403 happens in the background, but this is not surfaced to the user.

Tested using Firefox latest (117.0.1), Windows 11. Ad blockers (uBlock Origin) were disabled to test; using them did not impact the result.

Of note: This occurs only in the frontend. The backend handles it correctly and resolves a 403 error in the API, if you attempt to share a post that is locked from sharing, even after it is shared by others. I was only able to see this by using Firefox web developer tools' Network tab, to debug the rebug bug.

I posted (and then retracted to a draft) while I was investigating this, with more information as I discovered it, and a link to the example post in question (and every share in its chain) is in the post linked below.

Yeah, I just ran into this (or at least, I think it's this) on this post:

That post is a share by the author of a post with shares locked, but the second post shows the share option. A post can be created using it, but nothing happens when clicking on post or save to draft

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