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tag searching/filtering of drafts

i think it would be cool if you could search and/or filter your own drafts by tag. currently i use drafts both as drafts, and as on-site bookmarks similar to the ones discussed here, by clicking "share" on a post i want to bookmark, then saving that share as a draft from the edit page. i add a tag when i do this to distinguish these from regular drafts - thus the desire to filter my drafts so i can just see that tag. for me this would be functional enough that i wouldn't actually feel like i needed a proper bookmarks feature if it worked, although one would be easier for a new user to discover. maybe this would be faster to spin up in the mean time? not sure what it would entail technically. also i know some people use drafts for image hosting too, altho i hazily recall there was one time when an update broke existing ones of those or something so i dont do it anymore. but my point is that myself and others are using drafts in a couple different ways and it would be nice to be able to organize them a bit. i also think this has utility even if you just use them as drafts, if you're just drafting different kinds of posts and want to sort those out. final note, i noticed in playing with this that when you tag a draft, your tag goes public in the tag autocompletes - this might not be the behavior people expect. if you search the tag however, your drafts don't appear in the search results. if they did that would be quite functional for me on its own.  thats all, much love to eggbug!

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