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Markdown Shortcut Buttons

 i just want a little button i can click and it puts the ![]() into my post for me to fill with an image because i always forget and go 'no i dont need to check the markdown sheet i can do this' and then i get it wrong every possible way before arriving at the correct answer. maybe a button that extends into some markdown shortcut buttons. my brain just needs help sometimes

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As a primarily mobile user, it would be really nice to have a simple interface with formatting options on Cohost just like the comment boxes this very support forum have—a simple "bold", "italic", "underline", strikethrough", "link", "bulleted list", etc. visual post editor. Typing out that syntax on mobile can be a bit clumsy and frustrating, since things often autocorrect that you don't want autocorrected. A visual editor would easily make that a non-issue.

Wiki software tends to have this option toggleable between "visual editor" and "markdown" and it works quite nicely. Tumblr does as well, though it's a bit buggy.

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