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Allow viewing more posts on the home page

I was recently gone for something like 7 days, and it is excessively painful to read every post that has happened in that time. Pagination is not a solution because there are far too many pages to comb through and each page needs to be opened in a separate tab if I want to work through the posts in chronological order (since any shares *I* make, as well as any new posts, will cause gaps to appear when I navigate a page forward).

I would like the ability to either load more posts per page from the get-go or load more posts *on the current page*, like infinite scrolling, but operated by a button. Maybe then I could keep loading more posts until I reach the last thing I read, then work up from the bottom. That would be my ideal solution.

But right now it's completely unreasonable for me to read every post that's happened in the last week even though I fully WANT to, Cohost just makes it extremely difficult with only 20 results per page, glitchy SPA navigation, and using offsets rather than timestamps for pagination.

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