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Option to hide adult posts but only if they contain images or at least indicate an 18+ post contains images

The motivation here is that if I'm in public, I don't care if adult text content shows up on my screen, unlike a graphical representation of what is considered NSFW.

Additionally, before clicking through, it's currently impossible to tell whether I'm about to be blessed with a one-line dick joke or a sexually explicit image. Same motivation applies as in previous paragraph.

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Agreed, most of my 18+ posts are dick and fart jokes and I would consider them a different category from a picture of a penis. At least we can see tags on 18+ posts so it's possible to work around the coarse on/off 18+ mark by just tagging your posts properly.

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this is just useful

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10000000% for this.

also for what @lapisnev mentioned, i wonder if having some kind of additional "questionable content" rating would be useful

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I really dislike how cohost handles CWs and such things generally. It's way too 1 or 0. Like, it sucks to have an entire post's contents hidden just because *something* in it needs a CW of some kind.

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 At the very least, knowing what a hidden post (whether it be due to 18+ or a CW) contains, in terms of media, would be great. Personally speaking, I generally don't care about hiding posts that don't use unsettling and graphic imagery, even if they use graphic language. It's more about avoiding the visual shock for me than being uncomfortable seeing graphic media. Discord's way of doing this (spoiler images) has always been nice IMO, because someone can use it to prevent others from being visually shocked by the image, while otherwise not impeding the flow of text. Of course, Discord and Cohost are two way differently designed platforms, so I'm not suggesting we give users the ability to craft content that only has the 18+/CW on the media and not on the text–I do think it would be better if users could just choose whether, for any post filtering method, they want to have it choose between the following options:

  1. Completely hide the post, don't even show that it was on the timeline
  2. Show that the post is there but it is hidden because of whatever reason
  3. Show the post's text and tags, but not its media, indicating the media is hidden because of whatever reason
  4. Show the whole dang thing
Thankfully they fixed the bug where tags were being hidden on 18+ posts, so we're getting there, but we have a ways to go still, I think.

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