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Option to hide adult posts but only if they contain images or at least indicate an 18+ post contains images

The motivation here is that if I'm in public, I don't care if adult text content shows up on my screen, unlike a graphical representation of what is considered NSFW.

Additionally, before clicking through, it's currently impossible to tell whether I'm about to be blessed with a one-line dick joke or a sexually explicit image. Same motivation applies as in previous paragraph.

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Agreed, most of my 18+ posts are dick and fart jokes and I would consider them a different category from a picture of a penis. At least we can see tags on 18+ posts so it's possible to work around the coarse on/off 18+ mark by just tagging your posts properly.

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this is just useful

10000000% for this.

also for what @lapisnev mentioned, i wonder if having some kind of additional "questionable content" rating would be useful

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