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As A Poster, I often want to go back and find old posts of mine, but since the site only offers me (ten? twenty?) at a time, I have to scroll, wait for page loads, scroll more, and so on, and this involves loading a lot of stuff I don't want - whole longposts, images, and so on.

Now, by some ideals, we shouldn't be able to paw through someone elses old posts easily, but I think we would all agree that we ourselves would like to paw through our own posts to find one we remember making, but can't remember when.

Tags can help with this - but the problem is, I don't think to tag a series of posts until I've made a few of them, sometimes spanning months! And then it's a pain to go back and find the others to tag them after the fact - it'd be great to fix that too!

I propose a Bulk Post View, available (at least initially) only for ones own page(s), consisting of a terse table: dates, subject lines (or the first line of the post, if subject line blank,) and tags, for at least 100 posts per page. This is a lot of data to pull, but since it's a Special Purpose Page, the load on the DB might not bump by all that much.

(and honestly, since this is for own-account admin tasks after all, maybe this is a reasonable place to just put fulltext search unless that would be a DB killer.)

There should be "view" and "edit" links on each row (w/ little icons to keep things compact) so you can ctrl+click to jump straight to the editor if desired, and checkboxes to enable bulk operations: either deletion (with a two-level "are you sure" dialog, to avoid tragedies,) draft-ification, or addition of one or several tags to all selected posts.

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Just now realizing that I want to go back and add a tag to multiple posts I’ve made that currently have few or no tags. Being able to filter out asks and shares from the profile helps some but I also want to be able to add tag sets to my shared posts as well… an archive view with a mass post editor, similar to the one on Tumblr, would be fantastic imo. Esp if it had some additional options like suggested above.

 bulk tag edits are my current most wanted feature

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They could easily compensate any database load by making this a Plus-only feature (which I would gladly pay for). 

There are so many utilities to a Bulk Post View/Editor. Cygaj pretty much summed up how I'd use it. At the time being, if I need to modify several posts, I have to load _each one of them individually_. God forbid if I misspell or forget a tag on several posts--then I'd have to load and edit them all again.

Not everyone has their tagging structure figured out in their early Cohost days, so I imagine a lot of people need to modify a ton of old posts to get things squared up.

I would  especially love to see bulk editing functions:

• bulk deleting

• bulk moving to drafts (and privating if that's ever a thing like on tumblr)

• adding a tag to multiple posts at once

• removing a tag from multiple posts at once

• globally editing a tag (ie change the tag #cat on all posts to #cats. ideally keep in the same position on tag list, so not 'delete and attach new one at the end of the list')

• select all posts with a certain tag in such a mass post editor

• also filter by tags, including by multiple tags

etc… so a tumblr mass post editor but with more functionality

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the above post is not so much a serious feature request so i will not be opening a thread for it, but i do believe the bulk posts view would be very useful

Following up on that: sadly, I think Twitter had it completely right. The correct format is HTML, with an accompanying JSON file. It's by far the most universal solution that works for the greatest number of people.
Succinctly put, but IMO a separate request, since there is an entire rabbit hole of decisions to be made and impact to consider. For instance, for how many people is a sqlite database useful if they aren't programmers? I would assert that there are many thousands of people on this site for which that would be as good as nothing. And what about images? Comments? What about posts that were being replied to? So yeah, whole different conversation, I would suggest opening another thread.

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