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Allow opting out of prose styles (allow class="not-prose")

Cohost uses tailwindcss-typography to provide default, mostly-sensible styling for posts. However there are situations where it might be nice to opt-out of this styling; for instance, the first and last <p> tag of a <blockquote> get quote marks added around them, and <code> tags get backticks surrounding them. These rules can't be overridden because inline styles cannot control the ::before and ::after pseudoelements.

tailwindcss-typography has a built-in opt-out for all of the added prose rules. Elements with the class "not-prose", and all their children, get opted out of (all? most?) of the CSS rules.

However the class attribute is stripped from elements. My suggestion is to allow the not-prose class to be used in the markdown filter.

(I had initially hoped that ~= meant "contains not-prose", so that you could allow classes as long as they had user-content- prepended to them like the id attribute. Alas. Alternately, I think the name of the selector is configurable.)

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PLEASE. The backticks in particular really irk me. There have been times I've used explicit <code> tags and been aghast to find it inserting backticks where none were ever present.

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