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When I add tag to a repost, it does not post it under the new tags

I don't know if this is a bug or it's a feature, I'm posting this here because I don't know where else to get information.

My main profile is called Quidam. I used one of my other profile called Cuiusdam to add a post to it and repost it. The original post had the tag #Vampire The Masquerade. I added #pathologic 2 tag. I can see my repost in the original tag (#Vampire The Masquerade), but not in the new one (#pathologic 2). So I made a test.

I created a new tag called #The declinations of Quidam and posted a message with my profile Quaedam. I could see it under this tag with all my other profiles. Then, I created a new tag, #The declinations of Quidam 2:This time it's personal, and reposted (and added a new message under it) the original message with the profile Quoddam and added the new tag to it, yet I could not see the new the repost under the new tag! Gotcha!

I'm just asking if this is deliberate or not. Thanks!

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