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Timeline management features to make Cohost easier to use, ideally to complement post deduplication

A friend of mine has left the site because a popular recent meme combined with several site behaviors (people not tagging posts, muffled tags still showing up in the feed) has made it impossible for them to use. Post deduplication is already a feature request, so I am making a separate topic for this.

Any or all of following features would be fairly simple to implement and extremely helpful for people who have trouble dealing with a cluttered/noisy timeline:

- Make the show/hide shares/replies buttons that are currently on user pages work for the timeline   

- Allow selectable muffling/muting behavior so people can easier avoid posts they would really like to not see, for any reason   

- Full-text matching for muffling/muting, including alt text   

- Allow for muting or muffling posts that only contain an image (and tags)

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yes please to all of this. 

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