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users you've blocked/muted page

i wish i could keep track of which accounts i've blocked/muted, like the *posts you've liked* page. private notes help me figuring out why past me blocked someone, but there's no way of knowing **who** i've blocked so far, i don't think? 

dunno if this is a feature people would use much, but i miss having it!

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 This is an important feature imo

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boosting my own request because i just now remembered how much i want it

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boosting! as a Serial Blocker (as in, i block when most people would just mute/silence annoying posts) i would like to be able to prune my blocklist from time to time

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coming back to this request, maybe an option to have your private notes on a page shown below the page in

question just so you have a quick, at-a-glance explanation of why you have someone blocked? very messy mockup attached -- since this is already in development i'm not sure if this is too late to add but i figured it couldn't hurt to mention.

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 Following this ticket and hopefully more developed block/silence list is rolled out.
I also would like to request block/silence individual blogs can be applied to all accounts linked to you. EG. I have multiple blogs linked to my public account, although I browse more in my private account and usually I go free-reign with blocking/silencing there without worrying people might've noticed that.

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For anyone searching here. As of November 2nd, each page's settings has a section for managing blocked and silenced pages.

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