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Ask system for the emergence for Askblogs

Ok so!! I’m wondering if it could be possible that Cohost could implement the process in the idea of an ask system. And this is mostly because I think the emergence of ask blogs would be a type of content we can enjoy. Ask blogs are really fun as users can participate with the said characters on the blog and ask them many questions for fun responses! It’s almost like Tumblr, but not exactly. Some of us do not enjoy the environment of Tumblr based on how toxic the community can be, and how it could be filled with unnecessary discourse. Plus we could have a better filtering system of nasty anons that come in asks. So trying to run askblogs with a better system on a new site that has better regulations, would be ideal in my opinion. Please consider!

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Oh good news! That's being planned and will, eventually, be implemented! You can find the thread here if you have additional comments and suggestions.