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Comments not visible to post author. but visible to everybody else.

 ...and it's not all my posts, just one specific one. This one:

Other people can see the comments, and if I log out, I can see the comments too. But as soon as I log in, I can see there are 3 comments, but the comment bodies are not displayed. This happens in both Firefox and Chrome. All my other posts seem to behave properly - it's just this very special snowflake misbehaving.

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Somebody else figured it out, though it's not great. Person X replied, then persons Y and Z replied to that reply, and then person X blocked me (I have no idea who they are, whatever, it's their life), but that now means their reply *and the replies to them* vanish. Logically I get it, but it's a bit strange. Ideally I guess person X's reply would be there but have some sort of "this person has blocked you" banner over it, and then the replies would be visible?

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I don't think people should be able to comment on your post and then block you to hide their own comments from you, allowing other people to still see the comment on your post and interact with it. This is a common way people abuse others on the bird site and it's quite bad. The original poster is helpless to do anything about it. In the case of cohost, I'm assuming this is an unintended side effect. It would be great if someone who blocked you after commenting on your original main post had their comment wiped out and replaced with something like "User has attempted the 'ol switcheroo; comment unavailable."

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I'd definitely argue in favor of comments from people who've blocked you just showing up as a "This comment is unavailable," along with said comments being available for you to hide like comments from people who haven't blocked you.
(Actually, to clarify that further - I think comments on your posts from people who've blocked you should show up as a "this comment is unavailable" to you while displaying as normal for anyone else, *but also* provide you with the option of hiding it. I feel like this is the best way to keep context for conversations even if people decide to block each other down the road, while also giving people the ability to know when something fishy is going on and nip it in the bud.)
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