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subscribing to posts

the ability to click a button on any given post (perhaps via the meatball menu) and subscribe to it, giving you notifications any time a new comment is added.

and, of course, the ability to unsubscribe too!

cohost is shaping up to be a great place for discussion, but it can be pretty hard to keep track of convos-in-progress if you aren't the owner of a post! plus, if someone posts a question you're also interested in hearing answers for, you have to obsessively check their page for updates

in my mind, a feature like this would make communication a bit easier

i've been toying with possible cons of the feature, and all i can think of is the potential for stalking. but when things are posted publicly, that can be done with or without a subscription feature. anyone have any thoughts?

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HUGE +1 for this

being able to subscribe to discussions without being a post/comment author is a very under-appreciated feature on many websites imo, and Cohost would definitely benefit from having it, especially if this would also allow you to subscribe to specific comment threads/replies in addition to all comments on a post.

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Yes yes yes yes yes! Being able to subscribe to a post would be a huge boon for fostering discussions.

Also, this is probably a pretty niche use case, but this would be a super valuable feature for anyone who wants to use Cohost for roleplay (which I believe it has significant potential to become an appealing platform for). If someone posts an opener and you reply to it, you're going to want to be able to get a notification specifically for when that person posts their reply back to you. If there's planned to be a lot of activity going on under one post, you're also generally probably going to want to get updates for that!

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