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+18 post flag with embedded content warnings

i don't know if this has been requested here before, please do warn me if it was 

as things are now, if i publish a +18 post and want to attach some content warnings to it, i have to flag the post as +18 and, separately, click on the cw button to add the warnings. so, what happens is 

  • people check the +18 post flag without any content warnings and, since there's no clues as to what the content is, you have to click to know and end up exposed to something you didn't want to because of sheer curiosity;
  • people check the +18 post flag and use the tag system to describe the post, which is somewhat good because it allows users to use the muffle tag feature to figure out the content (and possibly shield yourself of any unwanted content);
  • people check the +18 post flag with the content warning feature, the ideal behavior; 

i don't find this very user-friendly, though. you can easily forget to add content warnings or not even add them at all, which is a major inconvenience when browsing the bug. so, i think +18 post flags should have a content warning field on its own that has to be filled or else you can't publish your post; that way people would get used to describing their work and you can manage your experience a bit better 

ideally this would also stimulate people write better tags, making them easier to filter through the page settings but i know this is impossible to control, so

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