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This is NOT a request for a DM system, it's a competing idea for @ notifications. I don't remember if there was ever consensus on whether they wanted those for cohost or not? But if they don't, an alternative could be a 'send someone a post' feature to notify them of something they might like to see without having to message them on an external site. It'd be a regular notification along the lines of '[user] wants to show you this post: [post]', no need for its own menu. (and obvs you could turn off the ability for people to send you posts, or restrict it to only people who you follow, etc etc.)

i dont know if this is actually a good idea, but that's what the voting is for. Judge My Thoughts, Peers

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this seems like a nice compromise between not having private chats and being able to send people stuff on-site 

something that really bothered me on the bird site is that when people wanted to share a cool tweet, they tented to mention users on the replies of said cool tweet instead of sharing it through the direct messages. so if your tweet got popular enough, your notifications would be flooded with these mentions, and that gets annoying pretty fast

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doing some Personal Opinion posting here:

"hey, look at this post" adds a lot of room for bad behavior. At least, that's my kneejerk reaction.

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i think that implementing this without privacy options (like, being able to restrict who can send you stuff) is bad for sure, same goes for @ing people. after all, we know from experience that what can be abused will be abused

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My immediate thought is that this (or the ability to notify people with @) would at the very least need to be shipped with the ability to filter who you receive notifications from: everyone, people you follow, a certain configurable list of users, or no one. I have some more thoughts about the pros and cons of "send post" vs @ notifications, but my brain is demanding naps.

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Also, worth considering if you want this to be available for drafts - my immediate thought on that is no, as it'll tempt people to use drafts as a pseudo-DM feature (make a draft and either use the "send post" feature or @ notify the intended recipient).

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