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Option to silence tags (rather than just muffling them)

As a user, I'd like to be able to designate a list of tags which, if any attached to a post in my feed  from a user that I follow, does not appear in my feed whatsoever.

This would probably work much the same as the current "filtered tags" support, except that instead of merely muffling the tags, it would silence them.


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how is "silencing" different from "muffling" in this context?  im confused

Muffling preserves the post in the feed, with a prompt to expand/show it at your discretion. Silencing removes it from the feed entirely.

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i wish tag muffling worked like this by default instead of showing up as a content warning of sorts

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thank you for clarifying!

 It would be awesome to be able to individually toggle this for any given tag/keyword.

The way I use tag muting, I mostly just want to put a content warning buffer that Ii have to click through for content that might be iffy for me, or conceal anything that might be dicey to have on my screen in a public or work environment, even if it isn't necessarily explicit. Also, anything that might be a spoiler for something I'm into.

But if I have a tag blocked, I actually would prefer to obliterate it from my sight completely. To me, a blocked tag is one where I don't even have the option to view the post—I can blissfully go about my day having no idea that the post ever existed. Maybe it's weird, but sometimes just knowing that people are posting about a given thing at all kind of gives me hives. It's nice to have the option not to see it in any way at all.

This is a super important distinction and would be a fantastic feature!

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