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Don't display the same post in the timeline if multiple people rechost it

When a post goes viral, it often feels like a solid 30% of my timeline is the exact same post about chess rules or image formats. I either read it, or didn't read it, the first time! I don't want to have to scroll past it 6 times, each only differentiated by who rechoseted it.

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I liked this post yesterday but never followed through on my comment - I would really appreciate this feature!  It keeps the feed much cleaner.   Others who read this (including OP) might be interested in this thread as well?  It seems to be a similar topic/suggestion.

For the time being, @nex3 has written a userscript which deduplicates the timeline

+1, another thing I'd love to see is if someone posts in a chain, only show me the chained post and not previous iterations

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