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replies in threads don't inherit muffled-ness from their root post

situation: someone who starts a thread about #foo-bar-baz ends up starting a discourse, well-meaning people start tagging their posts about it so anyone who's overwhelmed by the subject can muffle the tag to make their timeline less of a hazard.

expected behavior: shareply chains below these posts, which tend to be untagged posts about the same subject, also get folded in under the tag muffle.

actual behavior: the first post about the thing gets hidden, and the several-screens-long giant chain of replies is shown in its fullness (repeatedly for each person you're following who's re-shared it into your timeline again, but that's its own problem)

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One thing I noticed was that sometimes there would be entire discussions about things and because people forgot to tag under the replies, it wouldn't show up as part of that tag.
I made a feature request about tag related shenanigans

+1 this should work like this imo 

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