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hiding posts and collapsing long posts

I like cohost, but there have been two issues coming up more and more that are starting to become complete dealbreakers - my dashboard being completely taken up by extremely long posts that cannot be collapsed, and reposts and addendums of said post that are even longer and force me to wade through the same post numerous times. Especially since lately, most of these posts have been very critical in tone of either things i personally enjoy (specific games for example) or aren't interested in that i just don't want to see - but they end up being the only thing i DO see because they get shared around a lot. The repost messages also tend to be just as long, if not even longer, and i often see these back to back. Entire pages of my dashboard have been taken up by copies of a single post i just do not want to see anymore. And muting tags has proved to be less useful than it should be, the tags are often just additional lines of snark and sarcastic commentary that are unique to that specific post. The site just has too many users for the average user to browse their dashboard without any kind of setting to grapple with the amount of times the same long-winded posts are shown over wnd over again. Recently the site has become boarderline unusable and a hassle to browse, and I need ways to be able to quickly dismiss a post i just dont feel like seeing again without unfollowing or blocking. Or, at the very least, auto-collapse longer posts so they don't take up newrly as much space.
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Oh lol the staff posted a feature announcement that confirmed a hide post button at the exact same time i posted this

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