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The ability to re-order pinned posts

Hi there!  I love the multiple pinned posts featured, but there's one thing about it I feel it needs. Sometimes, you have a post you made a while ago that feels like it fits at the top of your page. Just makes things nicer, flows your profile a bit better, y'know? It'd be great if we could order them!

Even if it's just, unpinning then repinning to reorder, that would work! Currently, the way it works is the order is determined by the time it was posted. Older posts are lower.

This isn't anything major or significant, but I do think it'd be a nice QOL upgrade!

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voicing support for this! i was hoping unpinning my old pins and repinning them after making a new pinned post would reorder them, and i had to take a different approach to getting the order i wanted. it's not the most inconvenient thing in the world, but it would be nice to have the option to configure arbitrary post order with pins.

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This is a separate request but I made also a thread about backdating posts.

I would like an ability to reorder posts on the blog in general, the way tumblr allows it, but I realize it's more complicated and there are numerous issues to consider in relation to my request (trust issues etc)

Your request though seems like a no-brainer and I don't see any non-technical conundrum involved. There definitely should be an option to reorder pinned posts, given that we're being given the option to pin several in the first place

(apologies for sending this twice, I inserted wrong link)


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It feels problematic to have pins be strictly chronological. Like, I need my intro to be the first pinned post. But I also want to pin other things occasionally that I want to get attention. Currently, in order to do this, I have to slam my intro in my followers' faces every time I want to pin something. Needless to say, this is not a good setup.

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huge agree! in the meantime Ive reordered them manually by re-saving them all as drafts and then reposting in order but there has to be an easier way

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it'd be nice to have options like [move to top] and [move to bottom] that show up in the meatball menu! maybe if you have enough pinned posts there could be an option to add a priority number? (the lower the number the higher the priority; so 0 would be shown above 1)
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