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Deduplicate posts in feed

Reshares with bonus content are awesome, but I'd love to be able to cut down on the number of exact duplicate posts in my feed so I can see more unique posts.

Hopefully it wouldn't be too difficult to collapse all duplicate reshares (i.e., quick-shared or reshared without additional content) into a single post, and then re-add context (e.g., the user(s) who reshared) somehow, like:

- Listing the users in the header (this might be clunky if a bunch of folks have reshared).

- Saying something like "hey a bunch of folks reshared this thing" and showing the list of people if you click on it/engage with it.

- Some other thing that saves space but doesn't reduce the amount of information available?

- Or idunno, maybe just show the first person who reshared it since they got there first and are therefore objectively the coolest?

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This is particularly bad when one person posts something, another person reshares it with another post, and then they both reshare that. I see in order: Person A shared: Post A Post B Person B shared: Post A Post B Post A It's the same content three times and two times, and similar duplication happens whenever someone reshares their own post and you see the main content twice. It really makes browsing the feed a chore having to skip past all the duplicate posts, or not being sure if I can skip past something because I'm not sure if it's duplicate or not.

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