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Clicking on tags from within a profile should take you to a user's posts with that tag, not the global tag feed for that tag.

Pretty much what it says on the header. I understand this is mostly a question of taste and not a hardline You Should Do This type of request, but it was a behavior I expected coming from Tumblr.

On tumblr, if you click on a tag from WITHIN a profile page, it would take you to all the posts from THAT USER with the tag, but on cohost it takes you to the 'global' tag feed.

The behavior I expected was that clicking on the little '#red' tag on a post by user bob while browsing (or would go to

But currently on cohost, this takes me to

This is a minor thing, but changing it would make it a lot easier to browse a users tagged posts, especially on mobile where url editing is kind of a pain.

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I think this is important for being able to organize your blog, not just "I expect it coming from tumblr". If the intention is to make the rest of the platform more discoverable there could be a link on a page's tag page that offers global tag page as an alternative. But if I have organizational tags they are useless if a person from outside the platform doesn't know they can change the url and let's be honest, if a direct link isn't offered it's not that much of a feature

I can make my own tag-link list (so it's longer than 15 and I can hide it under a <details> tag to not clutter the screen), but I wouldn't want to put any tag I ever use on there, but these rarely used tags could still be useful to someone browsing my archive

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This seems like a useful settings feature, if you were able to pick which behavior you wanted to default to

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