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The '[n] new posts! click here to view them' button doesn't reliably display all new posts

If I click the '[n] new posts! click here to view them' message on the... home page? timeline? chostfeed?... a series of new posts are displayed and everything seems fine, but if I then refresh the feed using the browser's page-refresh button or by clicking the cohost logo, sometimes more posts appear interspersed among the ones already revealed by clicking the '[n] new posts' message. The time-stamps indicate that the previously unseen posts are in their correct chronological places, it's just that they weren't visible before. So the '[n] new posts' button seems to be causing only some new posts to load, not all of them.

This tends to happen most when the number of new posts is quite high. When the number is in single digits, all of them seem to load. As far as I can tell there's no pattern to which posts are omitted. It certainly isn't whole accounts being left out: sometimes some posts from an account will be displayed but others not.

So far the only browser I've tested this on is Brave (which is not great, I know, I keep meaning to change but inertia) and the only computer I've tested it on is a 2019 MacBook. I've tried lowering all 'shields' (switching off all Brave's built-in blockers &c.) for and it doesn't seem to have made a difference.

This is not a big problem because the simple work-around is just to refresh the page rather than clicking the '[n] new posts' message, but if other people are having the same problem they may not be aware that they're missing out on some posts.

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Couple of additional bits of information:

  • The number 'n' in the message '[n] new posts! click here to view them' always corresponds to the number of new posts that appear if I do click that message. E.g. if it says '11 new posts' and I click the message, 11 new posts are displayed. But sometimes the real number of new posts is higher and the extra ones only appear if I refresh the page.
  • The error seems to happen mainly when my computer has been been asleep. Possibly it only happens when the computer has been asleep – I haven't tested enough to say for sure. But I do remember noticing it most often when I look at Cohost for the first time in the day (i.e. after the computer has been asleep overnight). Maybe what's happening is that 'n' is the number of new posts that were made while the computer was still awake (before and / or after being in sleep mode), and ones that were posted while the computer is asleep aren't being counted? The posts that are actually displayed, though, aren't the first [n] or the last [n] or any discernible cluster – the 'missing' posts are scattered throughout the feed among the ones that are displayed. Though I have noticed that the 'missing' posts don't tend to be among the two or three at the top of the timeline. The '[n] new posts' message always seems to display the two or three most recent posts correctly.

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Yeah, this happens to me to, usually if I background the tab and then come back to it sometime later. It will show me a few new posts, and then just the old ones I had seen before until i refresh the page.

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