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Tag urls are case-sensitive

For any tag on Cohost there is only one Canonical Capitalisation but each possible variation has its own (empty) tag page. e.g. has results but does not. This comes up most when searching users pages for tags, which currently has to be done by hand, but it would be handy anyway. Not sure if this should be a feature request.

14 people have this problem

I believe this also affects filtered tags/tag muffling. I have a specific tag I wanted to mute and I noted it appeared in the tag search with different capitalization, and I was able to add both versions.

I feel like the other place where this ends up being a problem is trying to link to tags (e.g., when you want to direct people to a tag without polluting it with a 'meta' post)

This is pretty bad especially because, for reasons I don't understand, my web browser is *not letting me* view some page capitalization variants.

On Chrome, if I enter this into the address bar:

and hit return, Chrome silently and instantly on hitting return rewrites the URL to

I don't understand why, maybe it's some cache thing. If I view in another profile/incognito, it does not do that.

This means I literally can't view (with lowercase) except by viewing from an another tab.

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