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Ability to filter posts based on content in the actual body of the post

It would be nice to have the ability to hide posts with certain words that may be in the body of the post but not in the tags or content warnings. Unless I'm mistaken, it seems like right now you can only mute certain content warnings or tags which is cool, but it doesn't help if someone doesn't actually tag or CW something, yet posts about it a ton in the actual body of the post.

As an example, I can not have any tags or CWs on my post that is nothing but the word spaghetti copy and pasted 1000 times, and someone with every permutation of the word spaghetti filtered in the settings from CWs and tags and they will still see my post.

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Agreed, this would be especially good for long discussions in which no participant is tagging their reblogs. It'd be nice to have the option to filter by regex, too, but I think even basic post body filtering is a pretty important feature.

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Bonus feature: the reverse of twitter's 'Trending', to make temporarily avoiding the latest subject of discourse super easy.

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THIS is one of the biggest features cohost is missing for me. i'm amazed it didnt occur to me until just reading this.

not everyone is gonna tag their posts 100% effectively, if at all, and the same issue goes for content warnings. content filters would be the perfect "last barrier" to go along tag filters and content warning filters.

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just came here to suggest this!

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Tagging extensively is laborious and usually only done by people who are trying to improve discoverability of their posts, not just express something that may or may not disturb/annoy others. Sometimes people don't even know that what they are expressing could be disturbing or annoying or any other kind of thing that someone might want to filter out. This feature would both reduce the toil and the burden of cultural context/emotional foresight for posters, and would improve reader's experiences. This makes the site more inviting to those who want to avoid seeing undesirable content in what is ultimately supposed to be a general-purpose social gathering center where many different things–not all of which they are interested in or want to be exposed to-are going to be present. All in all, a great suggestion!

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