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Switching to a different Profile/Page on the Follow Requests screen leads to an Error

When on the Follow Requests page of a Private Profile/Page, if you try to switch to another Page via the dropdown menu, it leads to the "Something went wrong" screen. It doesn't get in the way of using the site since the "Go Home" button just takes you home without any problems (and going to Follow Requests from the home page works normally after that), but it does mean a couple extra clicks to get back to that page if you're switching between 2 Private Pages.

Platform: Firefox 108.0.1 on Windows 10

Steps to reproduce:
1) Log into an account with at least 2 Pages, one of them private
2) Switch to the private Page
3) Go to the "Follow Requests" screen (from the link on the sidebar)
4) Switch to a different Page from the dropdown menu on the upper right
At that point, it ends up on the "Something went wrong" page.

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