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Comment Counter Includes Blocked/Silenced Users

If I open a comment thread under a post that includes a blocked or silenced user, I don't see their comments or replies to their comments, as expected.

But the comment counter link ("2 comments", etc.) includes these hidden comments in its count.

It would be nice if the comment counter would only display the number of visible comments, rather than exposing the presence of a blocked or silenced user in the thread.

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I'd like to bump this with a comment: the tally also counts posts made by privs, and posts made by people who blocked you.

I feel the tally of comments should count the amount of comments you can see, rather than the total amount of comments the database can see.

Otherwise, it can encourage you to peep at the post in an incognito tab, and whichever of the 3 scenarios it is (someone you blocked, someone who blocked you, a priv you can't see at all) you will be disappointed.

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Just reporting the same issue, I saw a couple of posts recently where there was a comment count and then when I open them there are no comments. I didn't realize that comments from private accounts add to the count but are not visible, so I thought someone had blocked me (which lead to me racking my brain trying to figure out how I might have pissed someone off).

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