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Front page showing month-old posts

After opening the website, the newest posts shown to me were at least a month old. Tried clearing cache, cookies, etc. and didn't help. Posted something myself and it showed up at the top of the timeline. Unfollowing and refollowing the accounts I follow seemed to fix the issue, and return things to normal.

5 people have this problem

Posts from yesterday and today show up normally in my latest posts feed. However, the most recent post I have in my latest posts feed from before then is from mid-November. The missing posts (from mid-Nov to early Jan) are still on people's pages, just not showing up on the latest posts feed.

I also saw this.  The unfollow/follow trick worked for me.

Um, same issue, it appears - there's a gap in my feed, it shows couple of posts from a few hours ago, and the freshest one after is two months old, on every device, even after re-loggining... unfollow/follow helps, but only to that account and, like, I would prefer not to do this with EVERY INDIVIDUAL ACC I follow, it is quite annoying. -___-

same here. my feed is full of 2-month old posts!! x_X

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