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Allow contenteditable="true" on HTML elements

Currently, many chosters are finding unique and creative ways to create interactive chosts through the user of CSS and HTML. However, one thing that is missing is editable text.

By whitelisting the HTML attribute contenteditable="true", chosters could make HTML elements of their choice, within their chosts, editable by fellow chosters in an ephemeral way.

This is different from <input> in that it make elements such as <p> able to have their contents edited, said elements are more versatily themable, and most importantly, edited contents are not submitted in any shape or form to anything. It's not a form. It just tells the browser users can edit the internal contents, giving a fun additional method of interactivity with which to expand the novelty of chosts.

For example, this shitchost originally had contenteditable in mind:

But alas, it does not work without the tag.

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Im pretty sure this is the only change needed to be done (line 64ish in `lib/markdown.ts`) and it should be safe to allow, as im pretty sure it doesnt allow adding of elements to a page, only deleting them, and is unable to escape its parent element. 

image Contenteditable neither allows adding elements nor modifying parent containers, and edits are ephemeral (that is, edits are lost when you navigate away, and local to the machine). Most importantly, contenteditable only applies to the **contents**, not their attributes or properties. It's relatively harmless on its own. Without any scripts to read and parse the edited content, this is no more dangerous than going into Developer Tools and manually changing the text of something locally, AFAIK. It's a novelty, but one which could make for some rather amusing and creative posts.
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