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Embeds after "read more" close the "read more" section

Reading longer posts, I click "read more" to see the rest of the post. As I scroll down, when I encounter embedded media (tweets, YouTube videos, etc), the "read more" section closes. Opening the "read more" section again, I can scroll to and past that embedded media until I encounter another one and I have the same issue (temporarily resolved by clicking "read more"). This is happening in Chrome on mobile and desktop. Haven't tried other browsers. (Tried searching for this bug but couldn't find it)

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im also seeing this on firefox desktop and safari mobile, i can repro it consistently with this post

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Can confirm that this is happening on Android as of 6/3/2023.

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This happened to me as well in Chrome on Android. Someone embeded a bunch of individual tweets and every time i scrolled to the next one the read more collapsed and i had to scroll back up the page to open it again, repeatedly.

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For me, this also happens when I have embeds turned off. After clicking read more, if I scroll down I can keep going past unrevealed embeds, but as soon as I click to view the embed content, the post collapses. I'm on Samsung browser, Android.

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i see similar issues on firefox mobile and desktop, i had not realized it was due to embeds, but it is *very* frustrating

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I've stopped sharing my cohost content with others because it seems this issue has gotten worse.

first time encountering this issue with this post, which makes me suspect that it might be because of the multiple read more embeds? On firefox 121.0.1 on ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS. I've also attached a video showing the issue.


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I've been seeing this over the past month or so; it's consistently reproducible.

It's hard to tell if it's specifically the embeds causing it, but I'm also having an issue where a long post with many embeds is automatically closing the "read more." Sometimes it does this immediately, and sometimes after scrolling for a couple seconds. I'm on desktop Firefox, and it's with this post:

I'm having the same issue with some posts.  Like this one specifically refuses to stay open for more than a half second

i've also just got this bug on this post. discovered in firefox 123.0 on windows 10, reproduced in a firefox private window, and in chromium

Seems to be fixed at least on my platforms (desktop Chrome, mobile Chrome). Anyone else able to verify? This was the whole reason I wasn't sharing cohost content anymore. I'll be thrilled if it's no longer an issue!

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