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"Go to #Tag" option in Search

 Just had an interesting pain point. I am trying to search for the tag "#ffxi" - for the hit MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI. However, the tag autocompletes are all FFXIV-related (the other hit MMORPG) and I have no way to just go straight to "#ffxi"

I don't know how likely this issue could arise with other acronyms / shortenings, but I think similar media sites allow you to just search the tag/username directly; I think something like that could help, when the autosuggest isn't quite getting it.

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I just came to say this. That's a good example, and you can't generate the tag pages easily without guessing the capitalisation.

In addition to it helping to find tags contained within others, it would also be nice to be able to go directly to tags shorter than three characters. I've seen people using #uk for British things and that's similarly difficult to search for.

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Saw someone point out something else: some writing systems have a lot more characters, and therefore more words of two or fewer characters. They couldn't search for a Chinese word, because it only takes up two characters.

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