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Show tags on adult content before clicking through

Previously, when coming across a post marked as adult content, the tags were visible below the 18+ warning. Now, I can't see what is going to be behind 18+ warning until after I click through, which makes it harder to know what I'm opting in to.

This was helpful for me because there are certain types of adult content I'm comfortable seeing and some I'm not, which might not otherwise warrant a separate content warning.

I'd like to request that tags stay visible even when there are warnings of any kind, whether by default or through a toggle.

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I also want to be able to see the tags to discern something about the content of a hidden post. In case of 18+ posts I want to know if I'm scrolling past sexual content or if maybe someone just wanted to hide artistic nudity that I might be interested in. And hiding the tags behind a toggle actually sounds great in case some people don't want to see anything having to do with posts that are hidden.

Also by toggle I don't mean just one in a settings, but also if there could be a separate "show tags" button on a post if they are hidden via settings. Maybe at one time I don't want to deal with anything so I keep the tags hidden, but at another I want to be more informed and I'd like the option to see the tags without changing my global settings

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why doesnt this have more upvotes

I'd also prefer to have the tags be visible before viewing a hidden 18+ post, for similar reasons to stated above. Sometimes I'm only in the mood for a certain kind of 18+ post, and the lack of tags means it's impossible to gauge what type of content may be in a post until I click it.

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Yes, please. There are some kinds of adult content I'm totally fine with and others I would prefer to avoid like the plague. Being able to see what the poster has tagged it as in advance is a lifesaver. I also like the idea of a "show tags" button that is separate from showing you the post in its entirety and just lets you peek at the content warnings.

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It's worth noting that there's many tags you might have different preferences about depending whether or not they happen in the context of a 18 post.

For example, i do not wish to see adult furry art, but i don't want to miss it if a friend has a new SFW picture of their character. Being able to see the tags before clicking would be the easiest way for everyone to satisfy this preference.

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I created an account here to request this very feature, it'd be really helpful to know whether you wanted to see an R18 post or not.

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this would be extremely useful. i've seen people express irritation over the use of content warnings for pretty standard stuff because it defeats the purpose of selecting the option to view all 18+ posts. this is entirely understandable, and yet simultaneously, there is no other way to let the viewer know exactly what they're opting in to see, and i personally find it useful when people warn for very basic things in the current system because it lets me know what's NOT in the post. having the option to make tags visible would solve pretty much all of this and improve the experience for everyone involved

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this would be amazing, honestly! especially with tag muffling being a thing now, and the generic "18+" warning being not very helpful at all, by itself. given how people are using both tags and the warning checkmark, it'd be more effective for everyone if the tags were visible, even when the post itself is not. if there's some worry about people needing to be able to just scan right past all 18+ posts without any signs of what's in them, making tag visibility an option instead of mandatory should be good!

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I really hope they make this change! As it is now, the onus is completely on us to predict what we *don't* want to see and muffle it. But it's kinda hard to come up with an exhaustive list without seeing some posts you might not want to see first. Not only that, but there is certain adult content I'm ok with seeing only sometimes but not others, and tag muffling is useless for that. Having the option to see tags before revealing a post so we can make that call on a per-post basis would be huge!

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seconding this - tags are a very useful way to check whether or not an 18+ post will be safe for me to view without exposing myself to potentially triggering content

as an aside: it also makes viewing my own 18+ art page very difficult - even when i've selected my 18+ art page, i have to manually click through the content warnings on each post to refresh my memory on what art i have and haven't posted, and it's impossible to tell from a glance which posts are just text posts and which ones are art posts. even just seeing tags would save me some clicks!

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id also like to be able to see if the post under an 18+ is a text or image post, in addition to the tags, happy to read something with eff words on my phone in public but don't need to get jumpscared by a big on weiner

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I feel like CWs are a similar problem. They hide all aspects of the post but tags. This feels hard for me as a creator; I feel a need to CW things for people, but I also get way less engagement because it's easy to just scroll past a CW post with no title or any other information.

Was just coming to post this!

People are much more likely to use descriptive tags than a descriptive content warning for adult content (doubly so as CWs are a separate system from 18+), and shares of said content often lose the tag context. It would be very helpful for 18+ content to always bring along display of its tags in shares so it was clear what you're getting yourself into.

We've actually been doing this for a long time, but since tags didn't show after shares it was non-obvious in almost all cases. We've made changes to tag display today that effectively fix this.

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