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Option to hide all adult content


While you are currently able to prevent posts with certain tags appearing on the feed, there doesn't seem to be an option to hide all posts marked with "adult content".

I think this already happens if you say you are under 18 on registering, but sometimes people over 18 just don't want adult content sometimes too.

Thanks and Merry Eggbug,


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 Yeah I mean completely remove from the feed.

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This would definitely be a helpful change for me. For now, I've just been silencing pages that post adult content in tags I follow, which gets the job done but kind of feels bad - both because I have to do it myself (and visit their pages to do so), and also because I might be interested in other posts from those pages!

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I'd also like the option to completely remove posts from appearing based on tag. Silencing each account I come across that posts with a tag I don't want to see is a lot of work, and feels bad. It would be a lot nicer to not have to scroll past pages of "this post is hidden, do you want to see it?"

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Yeah it's a lot easier to invite folks who don't want to see adult material if they can keep it from showing up in the first place. My brother looked up the #art tag and over half the posts were porn. It doesn't lead to a great browsing experience when scrolling through tons of posts you've already told the platform you don't want to see, even if they're hidden. It limits the amount of worthwhile posts you actually do want to browse from appearing on each page. 

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You can find this under "Settings -> Display Settings -> What posts you see -> hide adult content behind a clickthrough", unless you mean you would like them to be completely removed from your feed.

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