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ability to see random posts

i like that tagging is a thing like tumblr and you can see posts for specifc fandoms and interests, but i also want the ability to click on a 'random' button and just see posts that have nothing to do with anything i have been shown to like. i just want to see random shit. i think it could promote interaction, maybe

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A post roulette sort of option would be nice, but it should be opt-in to make your post discoverable through it, otherwise I think there would be privacy issues. Sometimes I make a post just for me and my followers, you know?

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thats a good point!

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I think I would also appreciate this feature, especially if it comes with the ability for users opt-in/opt-out their posts (on an individual basis? on a blanket basis? Either or, frankly.

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I believe some websites also have the option to discover random users even.

I'd like there to be filtering options for both time and content when randomising however - both on posts and also tags for profiles.

I like to not be fed the same content over and over by and algorithm, but I also want to be able to explore the internet without too much thought for every search, other than maybe some manually filtered tags.

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