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Colour code the browser window / tab favicon to show which "page" you're signed in as

I've just started exploring the 'having multiple "pages" with one account' feature (so much more convenient than having to use the [Multi-Account-Containers Firefox extension]( btw! It's great seeing obviously good ideas move out from browser hacks/extension experiment territory into native site features).

One usability thing though is that the multi-account addon in Firefox puts a colour-coded border strip on the tab to show which account it relates to, and it'd be nice if cohost could do something similar, possibly using the site icon?

And maybe the colour theme could extend to the page backgrounds of the site in general, so you can tell at a glance which account you're using? I'm sure userscripts could implement that tho, as long as the idea of each account/page having a user defined colour gets exposed to them somehow.

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