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Blocking someone should apply a silence/mute to them by default.

There were two topics posted here recently by people who were confused by why a block doesn't remove someone from their notifications or search results. The answer was that a block doesn't do this, but a silence/mute does. Personally, I think that a block should also do these things by default. If I block someone, I don't just want them to not see me - I also don't want to see *any* trace of them, anywhere.

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oh yeah this is a weird one, personally I think of block as "stop this person from contacting me", I suppose because I think of blocking phone numbers as the original definition of block. I don't put too much value in "don't show this person I exist" because it's not immune to new accounts or logged-off use.  At the very least this distinction could be communicated better. Maybe if you click block, pop up a confirmation dialogue:

Are you sure?

This person will no longer see your posts or comments.
(checkbox) Also don't show me their posts or comments.

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Very weird that this isn't the case. 

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