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Block improvements needed

So my first interaction on this site resulted in a block (great look for the site,) and I am seeing that the blocking features are inadequate. When you block someone, their profile and comments are hidden. But they ***aren't** hidden in your notifications. In fact, you can't clear notifications at all. So I'm stuck with the harrassing comment in my notifications for at best the foreseeable future, which obviously has an outsize impact because I just joined and nobody has followed me / I have not posted anything but an intro post. It also frustrates me that you can't delete comments on your post, but I suppose that's a stickier problem due to concerns not unlike what is happening on Twitter at the very top level. But if this was going to be like traditional blogging (which it seems to want to be,) not being able to moderate my own posts is not amazing. Unwelcome comments are exactly that. Please at least hide or purge notifications for blocked users, or allow users to clear their own notifications. This scenario could be much worse in a more serious case of harassment or stalking. The site is concerned about CWs; not being able to purge potentially traumatic comments from your notifications (<-----) is bad for people's safety and could conceivably drive some legitimate users off the site I'm not happy. I hope this suggestion will be taken seriously. You're only new to the site once and this is how I'm spending it.

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"Please at least hide or purge notifications for blocked users, or allow users to clear their own notifications."

You need to go back to that blocked user's page and, in the same menu as the block option, click the 'silence user' option. This will automatically hide notifications from the silenced user.

Please keep in mind that other users can still see comments or reblogged commentary left by this blocked user. On the bright side, after they're blocked, they won't be able to make additional comments.

They can always circumvent the block by switching to another blog, so keep this in mind if you get continued, somehow familiar, unwanted comments

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