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Share notifications sometimes lead to the wrong page

I noticed this when I decided to go through the times my posts had been shared to see if there were tags added to any of the shares to judge whether or not tags on shares were reflected in the notification page.

Case in point: this photo of my cat which received a few shares. The link "**your post**" for the first share after expanding goes to the correct place. However, the second goes to a post about ratings bumpers by the person, which I had commented on, and the third goes to a share of a car photo I myself had shared with a comment. In both cases this corresponds with the most recent notification involving the user in question, barring a like. All other links to shares by these same users lead to the exact same two pages.

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IMPORTANT NOTE since I can't edit OP: when the share is by itself, rather than collapsed within a "several pages shared" thing, the link goes to the correct place. I had discovered that but I worded the post wrong.

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