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Tagging oddities: Slash in tag is allowed, doesn't work in general tagged, does work in profile tagged.

It seems that I managed to make a tag that behaves strangely (#total//effect). Presumably judging by that regex in the error (Expected "tagSlug" to match "[^\/#\?]+?") tagged search doesn't like the slash.

Curiously, though, it works fine as a profile-specific tag:

Not sure what the remedy here is. Don't allow tags with illegal characters to be created maybe? I don't know if that's the intention even, haha.

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I tested this out based on the regex in that error, all of the errant double-hash tags are similarly broken in generalworking on profile

 Single slashes are unsurprisingly busted as well. #counter/weight is a broken tag.

It looks like this got solved, thanks so much!

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