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Strip/obfuscate filename from uploaded image files

Uploaded images should be given a nondescript name rather than the name they had on my machine - in my case this has resulted only in a bunch of Untitled (1).png and so on, but it is unexpected that this info would be not only retained but made rather prominent in post previews, and could potentially lead to embarrassing or dangerous situations

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I agree, already mentioned it in the thread about EXIF data. I don't feel people think of names of files they upload to platforms like this as something they are sharing publicly and this totally can lead to leaking private information, or yes, simply be embarrassing too

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Correct me if I'm wrong but it didn't seem to be stated anywhere beforehand that images you upload will retain their names - I figured this out by downloading images. At least having a big and clear heads up about it when uploading an image would be helpful if having image names change isn't feasible.

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I like that images keep their filenames, since it really helps when linking it offsite or saving stuff. A toggle for it per-post would be cool though, or at least a little warning on the upload screen if a toggle's too hard to implement!

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