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Opt-in CWs separate from tag system

I would love to be able to somehow flag that a post might contain things that might set off unusual phobias or otherwise bother people, without either 1. hiding it behind a CW for everyone or 2. entering it into a weird easily browsable tag feed for that phobia or subject once tag filtering is in.  

I'm not sure what the best way to implement this would be. A per-CW-tag "warn by default" checkbox that defaults to checked might work. This might also necessitate something like the tag autocomplete dropdown in the user CW settings, or even a checkbox list of hardcoded CWs with an option for further user-specified ones.

That, or an option to mark a tag as invisible/only for filters, though that's a roundabout way of doing things.

 I run a brand account which I won't name; hiding images on it behind a CW like "food" or "AI generated" would break kayfabe on a parody page, as the real page wouldn't put CWs on such things. I just wish there was an option to unobtrusively warn people who are bothered by things that don't bother most folks.

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Just want to note that this is a real issue on tumblr. People will tag flashing images as "epilepsy" instead of "flashing image", and the only recourse is spreading informational text posts telling people not to do this. I still really want tag blocking but opt-in cw separate from tag blocking also seems very useful.

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