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Footnotes before the "Read More" break

If you place a footnote before the Read More break, it's skipped when rendering the post. IDK if there are multiple ways of doing footnotes, so here's an example chost of how I've been doing it: Text.[^note] --- More text.[^note2] [^note]: This footnote will be erased. [^note2]: This footnote should render properly, but as "1".

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Yeah this is extremely irritating if you're long-winded and want to be considerate of others

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this is because the markdown document is split in two; you *can* use footnotes, you just can’t declare them across the read more boundary. it will work fine if you do this:

[^note]: a footnote


text 2[^meow]
[^meow]: another footnote

This leads to two footnote sections:



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This is one of the reasons I currently opt to just use `<sup>` tags and manually make a footnote section at the end of the post, but it'd still be nice to have the option to use the official markdown for it without running into this issue.

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this really bugs me because it is not possible to create a compact chost with only the footnotes hidden below the fold

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